DarkSun: Sinister Ascendancy

Light at the end of the tunnel

The party heals their wounds, sets watch and rests.

Once ready, the characters find an ascending staircase. Climbing it the party emerges into a small room, barred to the outside with crude bars. Sitting on a matt, a strange thrikreen clicks and exclaims as they enter.

Warily, the characters attempt to converse, but to limited avail. Peering through the bars, they see the ancient dwarven fortress, apparently abandoned.

Seeing that conversation is apparently fruitless, the characters descend into the subterranean part of the fortress once again.

Exploring, the characters walk along a long corridor, coming once again to door. Across from the door is a small hole, 6 inches in diameter. “Looks like a dart hole” exclaims Harrr, “More likely a ballista hole” corrects Nivean.

Nivean cautiously makes his way through the door, followed by Isaac and Dri-Kull, while Harrr and Zul seek to stuff rocks into the hole. Nivean emerges into a small room, with a smashed door on the other side. Waste and refuse are piled to one side. Nivean is exploring the trash heap, when he is struck at by a tentacle.

Emerging from the waste pile is a three tentacled horror, flailing at the characters. Battle commences. Things seem to go well for the characters, and soon the beast is on the run. However, as it crosses the threshold, the characters hear a ‘thwock’ from across the hall. The ballista bolt strikes Dri-Kull, and then Isaac.

Furious, Zul moves forward pursing the beast. The now familiar ‘thwock’ echoes from across the hall. The ballista bolt strikes Dri-Kull and Isaac again. Nivean, drawing his trusty blow dart, and drops the tentacled creature with a poison dart.

The characters advance through the broken door, carefully avoiding further ballista bots. Travelling down the hallway, the party emerges into a small room, with a set of stairs leading upwards. The characters travel upwards and emerge into a small cave… the party, grateful to see the dark sun of Athas.

The cave is midway up a canyon that drops about 50 foot to the floor, and is about 20 foot from the top. Dri-Kull peers over the edge and carefully attempts to climb down… but slips and tumbles halfway down, knocking himself unconscious, and begins to bleed out. Nivean, seeing an opportunity to rescue his friend, carefully begins to climb down, but slips and tumbles down. Battered and bruised, Nivean nonetheless is able to bandage Dri-Kull.

Up in the cave, the party realise that Dri-Kull was carrying their rope…



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