DarkSun: Sinister Ascendancy

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Old beginnings

A slave barge, drawn by enormous lizard Mekillot pulls away from the city state of Urik. On board, are five slaves, bound for Tyr, destined to die building the great Ziggurat.

The five are a strange collection of oddities, and which no doubt caught the attention of the slave masters for this reason.

The first is strange indeed – a reptilian creature of sorts, the being known as Dri-Kuul appears neither beast nor sapient creature. Strange knotted cords are draped around arms and legs, giving the rags it wears a strange, exotic feel.

The overbearing presence of the half Giant is too difficult to ignore next – his strength is obvious, but his intelligence is questionable. He answers to Zul.

The next is a half-elf – strong and intelligent, a noble glimmer in his eye, and odd for his circumstance. Whilst dressed in rags like the others, the creature known as Isaac carries himself with a strange nobility, almost awkward on his kind.

The dreaded Halfling is next, Nivan, as he is known, is yet to eat the gruel supplied. Brandishing teeth shaved to sharp points, the small being clearly craves his next meal. Skittish – he glares hungrily at the others.

Finally, Harrr is contemplation itself. Like the rock that he worships, Harrr the Mul is strong, dependable and predictable.

Bound for Tyr

A dispute breaks out between the slaves! Whilst the details are unclear (as is common on Athas), Nivan attempts to eat Isaac. But for the intervention of Zul, he may have succeeded…

A fight… almost begins, just as a cry – “The Jura Dai are not slaves” rings through the caravan. "Your king must release our people, or all his caravans will perish in the desert!” . With a crash the caravan lurches to a halt.

Zul, surprised at the halting caravan, rips the giant hair braid, freeing himself and his fellow slaves. Not wishing to dither, the slaves exit the caravan- except for Nivan. Cautious of his fellows, Nivan exits on the opposite side of the caravan.

Outside – hundreds of Jura Dai elves have gathered, many bearing torches. The set fire to the caravan, and soon it is an inferno. The elves do not wait long before beginning to depart. With disdain, and mocking grins they leave the slaves to their fate.

The Mekilots head south, followed by the party. Nivan begins to head west…


The party heads south, following the mekilots. The sun beats down, and the party realise that they will soon be dead unless they are able acquire water.

After walking some time, the party gets to talking – and hoping that the Halfling Nivean does not return. The large mul surprises them all, when after closing his eyes, he declares with absolute certainty that water lies to the south.

Soon the dark sun sets and the twin moons of Athas rise. Reaching the apex of a dune, the party despairs that they may never see water again, when suddenly, to the south Isaac gives a cry – water! Indeed, to the south there appears to be a pond of some sort, reflecting the light of the moon.

The party investigates, and discovers that the pond appears to be surrounded by bushes. The bushes have long spines – each over an inch long. Harrr, the mul, remarks on the substantial number of small bones that lie beneath the bushes. Dri-Kull, the lizard thing searches until it finds a small tunnel through the bushes towards the pond. Zul, and Dri-Kull creep into the bushes, which Isaac keeps a close eye on.

Soon the Dri-Kull and Zul are halfway through, when suddenly the bushes constrict, tearing them in half – or it would. Isaac- ever watchful – sees the bush begin to construct and with the strength of his deity, constrains the deadly bush with his power of compulsion.

“Hurry” Isaac screams. “I can only hold it so long.” Inside Zul and Dri-Kull discover that the bush is merely a fly trap – the water at its centre a sticky and inedible mucas, designed to look like water. The decayed body of a dwarf lies at the centre – Zul, taking its backpack discovers a small amount of water, and a broken obsidian sword.

Dejected, the party continues south.

Cactus food

As the great sun of Athas descends below the horizon, the party decides to rest up. The gargantuan mekilots have all bot collapsed from exhaustion, and are now lying prone, out of the last rays of the sun.

The party sets watch and rests.

Morning breaks. The party has been unable to rouse the mekilots, and so set off into the rocky badlands. After some travel, the characters approach a large cacti fields Unwary at first, the characters are surprised when they are assaulted by the apparently stationary cacti. Tree-like cactus, writhing masses of cactus and thorny cactus prove to be predator, not prey and carnivorous to boot.

However, despite the deadly toxins from the purple ball cactus Harrr the Mul cleric is able to purify the cactus flesh.

An old friend

Continuing to travel south, the party tops a small dune and see a strange sight.

A giant wasp like creature is flying low, carrying a wax ball in its mandibles, and is dragging a silk cocoon behind it. Isaac notices a flash of red from the cocoon.

Two black feathered creatures peck at it, tearing at its flesh. After a time, the party decides to charge down, to assist the wasp creature. The group charges in, Isaac in the fore. Battle joined, the Aarakocra are short work for the battle hardy former slaves. With a mighty blow, Zul, the enormous half-giant, parts the final Aarakocra’s head from its shoulders.

Meanwhile, the wasp creature has succumbed to its wounds. the party discover the wax ball is full of water, but not before they accidently burst it. the cocoon is more intriguing. Slicing it open, the party finds an unfamiliar human, in tough desert leather, but dead to some sort of poison. Next to her, lies a familiar face – Nivean! The cocoon shredded, the party decides what to do.

Dri-kull spots a ruby red shimmer – and discovers a large red gem with one sort of rune written on its ‘table’ [ed – the top flat part of a gem].

Busy bees

The party debate what to do. On one hand an extra member of the party could be useful, on the other, Nivean had proved himself an uncooperative cannibal. Following much discussion, the group agrees to revive Nivean, but that he must prove his commitment to the survival of the group.

Waking, Nivean is uncooperative at first, but eventually begins to see how he might contribute to his own, and the groups survival.

An uneasy truce is formed, and the party continue southward.

Coming over a ridge, the party sees a series of large mud domes, twice the size of a human, rising out of a oval depression in the desert.

The party waits, and watches, and after a time, see a wasp thing enter the centre dome, a wax ball in its mandibles.

Cautiously, the group approaches one of the domes, and cut into it. A sickening smell wafts out. Inside is the desiccated remains of a human. The group scavenges what they can, and notice a wax plug on the floor.

The party decides to descend into the hive, in search of the most precious of Athasian commodities: water.

Into the hive...

The party lowers themselves into the darkness. The hive is cramped, but the party manages to move along.

Travelling along the passage, the party encounters their first worker wasp. In no time the party is able to destroy it, with minimal noise. They descend deeper. Worker after worker fall to their blades.

Then, the party encounters the wasp warriors. At first, the party makes good progress, until the mighty Zul is bitten by a warrior. Working as a team, the party drag Zul’s body through the hive, all the while chased by the warriors. On the way Nivean discovers a blow dart and a number of darts.

The party scramble out of the hive, working their way through a wax plug. Zul finally awakens, fending off the approaching wasp workers.

Outside, the characters sprint across the sands, to escape the wasps. Zul, trips, and is dragged into the sand. Soon, screaming, he is covered in a silk coating, ready to be fed to the wasp larvae. The rest of the party have no choice but to leave him below.

Like a rolling stone...

The loss of life is common as sand on Athas, with heroism as rare as water.

The party continue on. Eventually, they come to what passes as a highway on Athas. Ahead, watching the road, the party spot a trio of figures in the distance.

Approaching warily, the party realise that the trio are casing out a caravan of Urikite guards travelling along the highway.

Approaching, it becomes clear that the trio are escaped slaves. Cautiously the party make contact. The ex-slaves, Kollus, To-gahl and Marista, explain that the trouble at Kled has made water a difficult proposition. Thus they have decided to risk raiding Urikite caravans.

The party discuss for some time, and agree to team up with the ex-slaves.

Following the caravan, Dri-Kull the preserver, influences the Inix in the caravan, to stop, be obstinate, and generally more troublesome.

Frustrated and stopping for the night, the guards set up camp, set sentries and prepare for the night.

The party plots their approach.

The party decides to sneak through the guards first. Nivean, in the darkness, sneaks through the sentries, and works his way towards the caravan’s water. He gets to a point that he is not confident to continue.

Revising the plan, Isaac, rolls a small boulder to the edge of the ridge that abuts the road. The party charges in, Isaac rolling the boulder down as the first assault.

The boulder stops half way.

The party charges in to fight the 15 or so guards. A bloody battle ensues. In the fight To-ghal is killed, and the party is almost defeated.

The road to Kled

A new day dawns, and the party licks their wounds. The ex-slaves say their farewells, and the party hitch an inix, and make their way down the dusty road to Kled.

On the way, the party spies a lonely mekilot, standing at the most rare of sights on Athas, an oasis. Recognising the mekliot as one of the beasts that was pulling the slave caravan, the characters approach, and soon spy that its twin lies dead next to it.

Cautiously, the characters approach the oasis from the rear. The oasis, normally a haven for what life ekes out an existence on Athas, is strangely quiet. No animals are apparent, end even the insects are nowhere to be seen. The party conclude that the oasis has been poisoned.

Exploring an ancient ruined arch, the characters retreat to their Inix when they see a cloud of dust down the road – a group approaches. The characters hasten down the road towards Kled.


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