DarkSun: Sinister Ascendancy

The Sword of Kemalock

Wearily, the party finally arrives at Keld.

Convincing the sentries that they wish to trade, the characters are allowed into the town, and are led to the headman, and ancient dwarf called Baranus.

The party is accosted by a group of concerned mothers – asking whether the party had seen their wayward children. The characters report that they have seen nothing, and continue to the headman.

Baranus is an ancient dwarf, concerned for his people. He explains that the local oasis has been poisoned by the Jura Dai. The local druid usually protects the oasis, and would not allow the oasis to be poisoned, so Baranus surmises that something has happened to the druid.

Inquiring, the characters discover that the druid is a thrikreen, and agree to search for the druid. Baranus explains that the Jura Dai have occupied an ancient fortress to the west, in the badlands. He entrusts the characters with the Sword of Kemalock, an ancient short sword with the power to heal.

Resting, the characters prepare to confront the elves.



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