DarkSun: Sinister Ascendancy

The road to Kled

A new day dawns, and the party licks their wounds. The ex-slaves say their farewells, and the party hitch an inix, and make their way down the dusty road to Kled.

On the way, the party spies a lonely mekilot, standing at the most rare of sights on Athas, an oasis. Recognising the mekliot as one of the beasts that was pulling the slave caravan, the characters approach, and soon spy that its twin lies dead next to it.

Cautiously, the characters approach the oasis from the rear. The oasis, normally a haven for what life ekes out an existence on Athas, is strangely quiet. No animals are apparent, end even the insects are nowhere to be seen. The party conclude that the oasis has been poisoned.

Exploring an ancient ruined arch, the characters retreat to their Inix when they see a cloud of dust down the road – a group approaches. The characters hasten down the road towards Kled.



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