DarkSun: Sinister Ascendancy

Like a rolling stone...

The loss of life is common as sand on Athas, with heroism as rare as water.

The party continue on. Eventually, they come to what passes as a highway on Athas. Ahead, watching the road, the party spot a trio of figures in the distance.

Approaching warily, the party realise that the trio are casing out a caravan of Urikite guards travelling along the highway.

Approaching, it becomes clear that the trio are escaped slaves. Cautiously the party make contact. The ex-slaves, Kollus, To-gahl and Marista, explain that the trouble at Kled has made water a difficult proposition. Thus they have decided to risk raiding Urikite caravans.

The party discuss for some time, and agree to team up with the ex-slaves.

Following the caravan, Dri-Kull the preserver, influences the Inix in the caravan, to stop, be obstinate, and generally more troublesome.

Frustrated and stopping for the night, the guards set up camp, set sentries and prepare for the night.

The party plots their approach.

The party decides to sneak through the guards first. Nivean, in the darkness, sneaks through the sentries, and works his way towards the caravan’s water. He gets to a point that he is not confident to continue.

Revising the plan, Isaac, rolls a small boulder to the edge of the ridge that abuts the road. The party charges in, Isaac rolling the boulder down as the first assault.

The boulder stops half way.

The party charges in to fight the 15 or so guards. A bloody battle ensues. In the fight To-ghal is killed, and the party is almost defeated.



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