DarkSun: Sinister Ascendancy

Into the hive...

The party lowers themselves into the darkness. The hive is cramped, but the party manages to move along.

Travelling along the passage, the party encounters their first worker wasp. In no time the party is able to destroy it, with minimal noise. They descend deeper. Worker after worker fall to their blades.

Then, the party encounters the wasp warriors. At first, the party makes good progress, until the mighty Zul is bitten by a warrior. Working as a team, the party drag Zul’s body through the hive, all the while chased by the warriors. On the way Nivean discovers a blow dart and a number of darts.

The party scramble out of the hive, working their way through a wax plug. Zul finally awakens, fending off the approaching wasp workers.

Outside, the characters sprint across the sands, to escape the wasps. Zul, trips, and is dragged into the sand. Soon, screaming, he is covered in a silk coating, ready to be fed to the wasp larvae. The rest of the party have no choice but to leave him below.



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