DarkSun: Sinister Ascendancy

Into the depths...

The party explores their new prison. Waking Zul, he is fed and healed.

Dri-Kull, examining the statutes, and realises that there is a curious recess in one, where the mouth would normally be. Excited, Dri-Kull inserts the gem stone, found in the wastes [Ed note – originally discovered by Nivean].

The stones part, revealing a spiral staircase into the depths.

The characters descend, soon experiencing a sensation not often felt on Athas – coldness.

The party descends into the darkness, walking for what seems like hours. Always downwards.

After what seems like ages the characters emerge into a chamber of about 20 feet long and 15 feet wide. It is again very well put together, but is otherwise featureless asides from a stone pillar in the centre, and a stone door on the far side. Ruined carpet lies underneath their boots.

The characters explore their new environs. The group cluster towards the door. Grunting, the party is able to lift stone door and make their way into a curving corridor.

Cautiously moving forward, the party suddenly comes to a halt when, apparently floating in front of them is a metal helm and sword… approaching, Harrr is swallowed by the gelatinous cube. A vicious fight break out – one which the characters almost don’t live to talk about. Zul is engulfed – but manages to bust his way free, and in a mighty blow, destroys the gelatinous cube.

Cautiously proceeding down the corridor the characters come across another door. Lifting it the characters make their way deeper into the complex. The characters come across a room, inside of which lies the skeletal remains of a few stout humanoids. At the very back of the room is a large mosaic that seems to be an explanation of this history of this place. A stout lever sits besides it.

Asides from the detritus, the only other thing in the room is a large blackened plant that takes up most of the right side of the room, that appears to have burrowed down from the ceiling.

Concentrating on the power of the sorcerer queen – Isaac, uses his magic to hold the plant in place.

Moving forward, Nivean and Dri-Kull examines the mural. It depicts a great underground city, of unbelievable, even mythic proportions. At first it seems to be a map, but soon Nivean and Dri-Kull realise that it is part map part history, describing the creation of the city. A much smaller section of the city is highlighted – this appears to be the newest construction. From the map,relative to the ringing mountains, the location of the city appears to be consistent with the location of Kled. Lots of detail about the map doesn’t make any sense – for example, a great forest is shown where the great alluvial sand wastes would have otherwise been.

Dri-Kull pulls the lever – runes light up across the room. The doors, now energised, raise themselves as the characters approach.

However, not all of the changes are positive – crossing the threshold of the room a blades swings down, striking Zul and Harrr.

Emboldened by their progress, the party continue their exploration. They arrive at a long corridor, filled with bodies. The characters decide to continue on, and arrive at a round room. The characters prepare to rest – but are suddenly attacked. A green slime springs at the from the darkness. A terrific fight ensures – which the characters barely survive.



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