DarkSun: Sinister Ascendancy

Busy bees

The party debate what to do. On one hand an extra member of the party could be useful, on the other, Nivean had proved himself an uncooperative cannibal. Following much discussion, the group agrees to revive Nivean, but that he must prove his commitment to the survival of the group.

Waking, Nivean is uncooperative at first, but eventually begins to see how he might contribute to his own, and the groups survival.

An uneasy truce is formed, and the party continue southward.

Coming over a ridge, the party sees a series of large mud domes, twice the size of a human, rising out of a oval depression in the desert.

The party waits, and watches, and after a time, see a wasp thing enter the centre dome, a wax ball in its mandibles.

Cautiously, the group approaches one of the domes, and cut into it. A sickening smell wafts out. Inside is the desiccated remains of a human. The group scavenges what they can, and notice a wax plug on the floor.

The party decides to descend into the hive, in search of the most precious of Athasian commodities: water.



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